Hi, I'm Amir Hosein
Amir Hosein is eight years old and lives in the city of Esfahan with his mother. Please consider sponsoring Amir Hosein so that he can continue his education.
Hi, I'm Mohammad Mehdi
Mohammad Mehdi is a thirteen-year-old student in the 7th grade. His mother tries her best to support them by working in agriculture fields, but they are still struggling.
Hi, I'm Asal
Asal is a nine-year-old girl from the city of Esfahan. She and her family are having a difficult time making ends meet.
Hi, I'm Fatemeh D
After selling most of their belongings to pay for Fatemeh's father's hospital expenses, there is not much left to get by, let alone pay Fatemeh's educational expenses.
Hi, I'm Arian
Arian and his mother are under tremendous pressure. She tries her best to bring them an income, but her medical condition is preventing her from working. This bright ten-year-old needs your support.
Hi, I'm Fatemeh S
Fatemeh is a bright nine-year-old girl who typically earns good grades. Unfortunately, she and her family are struggling after her father passed away.
Hi, I'm Elham
Elham is a smart eleven-year-old student in the 6th grade. With your help, she can finish her education and reach her dreams.
Hi, I'm Fatemeh R
Fatemeh is seven years old and in the 2nd grade. She and her mother are struggling to make ends meet, and Fatemeh needs your help.
Hi, I'm Yashar
Yashar is a talented ten-year-old from the city of Shahr-e-kord, Iran. His mother tries her best to provide for her family, but they are struggling and Yashar needs your help.
Hi, I'm Puriya
Puriya is a ten-year-old who lives in the south of Shiraz, Iran. His mother works as a maid to try to provide for her children, but they struggle to afford their rent and daily expenses.
Hi, I'm Mohammad
Mohammad is a talented ten-year-old student. His mother is doing her best to support her son, but the family is still struggling, and they need your help.
Hi, I'm Mohammad-Hassan
Mohammad Hassan is a smart eight-year-old in 2nd grade who loves to play soccer. Unfortunately, his mother struggles to provide even the basic needs of the children, let alone school fees and supplies.
Hi, I'm Mohammad-Rasoul
Mohammad Rasoul is nine years old and in the 4th grade. Despite his mother's efforts to make money, they are struggling financially.
Hi, I'm Elaheh
Elaheh is a bright ten-year-old from a disadvantaged city in the area of Amol. They are under serious financial pressure, but with your support, Elaheh will be able to stay in school.
Hi, I'm Bahara
Bahara is a talented seven-year-old student. Her family is barely getting by, and they can’t afford Bahara’s school expenses.
Hi, I'm Hadi
Hadi is a shy and kind six-year-old in kindergarten. Your support could help Hadi at the beginning of his educational journey.
Hi, I'm Ghorban
Ghorban is a playful eight-year old who loves to play soccer. He and his brothers need help, they do not even have running water or electricity.
Hi, I'm Shegofa
Shegofa is an eight year old studying in the third grade. She is smart and loves to draw and paint, but she cannot afford any art supplies.
Hi, I'm Naqibulla
Despite his mothers efforts, Naqibulla and his family are struggling with their day to day needs, let alone educational costs.
Hi, I'm Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali is a hardworking 8 year old student. He and his siblings weave rugs to cover the costs of their education.
Hi, I'm Lutfi
Lutfi wants to go to school, but his family is too poor to pay for his educational expenses. With your help, this young student will be able to stay in school and work for a better future.
Hi, I'm Kheyronnisa
Kheyronnisa is an intelligent and kind ten-year-old girl from the city of Bandung, Indonesia. She hopes to continue her education and achieve her dream of becoming a doctor some day.
Hi, I'm Dewi
Despite coming from a poor family, Dewi strives to continue her education.
Hi, I'm Arya
Arya is a 12 year old boy in the sixth grade. Due to his poor living situation, he is facing struggles to continue his education, despite his and his mothers efforts.
Hi, I'm Taupik
Taupik is a young 12 year old boy who has already faced many difficulties in life. Please consider helping Taupik to achieve his dreams of a brighter future.
Hi, I'm Illiyyin
Illiyyin is a young student who enjoys studying but her father's job as a laborer can not support their family.
Hi, I'm Aqsal
Please consider sponsoring this young boy. He enjoys riding his bicycle and helping his mother.
Hi, I'm Neng Fadilah
Neng Fadilah is a happy and a charming girl. She is the youngest child in the family.

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