Hi, I'm Soheil
Soheil is a very smart and talented boy currently studying in the fifth grade.
Hi, I'm Rubabeh
Rubabeh dreams of continuing her education and reaching a better and brighter future. She is in desperate need of your help.
Hi, I'm Zahra
Zahra's mother passed away when giving birth, and now Zahra is raised by her aunt, but their family is struggling.
Hi, I'm Mohammad Reza
Mohammad Reza is a seven year old boy who lives in hut in a poor neighborhood. Please consider sponsoring this young student.
Hi, I'm Sajjad
Sajjad is a first grade student from Kerman. Please consider sponsoring him so that he can stay in school.
Hi, I'm Zahra
Zahra needs educational support and help.
Hi, I'm Mitra
Mitra's family lives in a house that unsafe but they cannot afford to fix it.
Hi, I'm Zahra
Please help Zahra so that she doesn’t lose hope and continues her studies despite life’s problems.
Hi, I'm Narjess
Please consider sponsoring this young 8 year old student so that she can continue her education.
Hi, I'm Mohammad Mehdi
Mohammad-Mehdi is a bright boy. Please consider helping him and his family so that they can have a slightly less burdensome life.
Hi, I'm Sediqa
Even though Sediqa is only six, she is already showing great talent in reading and writing.
Hi, I'm Balal
Please consider sponsoring this bright 6th grade student so that he may stay in school.
Hi, I'm Mahboubeh
Mahboubeh is a talented student studying in 3rd grade. Her father suffers from diabetes and cannot work.
Hi, I'm Ismael
Ismael is a witty and intelligent seven year old boy in the first grade.
Hi, I'm Zahra
Zahra would like to continue her studies and eventually get a degree.
Hi, I'm Ghulam-Sakhi
Ghulam-Sakhi is seven years old and in first grade. He lives with his mother and two brothers.
Hi, I'm Fereshta
Please help Fereshta and her family. She is a young third grade student and needs your help.
Hi, I'm Ali
Ali is very much interested in sports and playing, but he does not have any toys or sporting gear.
Hi, I'm Baz-Mohammad
Baz-Mohammad’s mother would like for him and his siblings to continue their education.
Hi, I'm Illiyyin
Illiyyin is a young student who enjoys studying but her father's job as a laborer can not support their family.
Hi, I'm Anisa
Anisa dreams to be a teacher someday, but her family cannot make enough money to afford her education.
Hi, I'm Aqsal
Please consider sponsoring this young boy. He enjoys riding his bicycle and helping his mother.
Hi, I'm Neng Fadilah
Neng Fadilah is a happy and a charming girl. She is the youngest child in the family.
Hi, I'm Toni
Toni is looking forward to study higher level education, but he needs your help to stay in school.

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