Amir Ali Needs Medical Assistance


UPDATE 9-8-2014: We received enough donations to help Amir Ali! We are still accepting donations to help other sick children in need. 



Dear Friends of Child Foundation,

We have been informed that the brother of one of our sponsored children has been diagnosed with a rare kind of blood cancer, Thrombocytopenia, which places him in need of bone marrow. An appropriate match was not found for him in Iran but we were able to find a suitable match for him in Germany. The German hospital is asking for €14,500 for his treatment.

The father of Amir Ali is suffering from neck and back disorders but still works as a messenger and makes very little money that hardly supports his family. Amir Ali and his five family members live in a small apartment. They had already collected part of their deposit for their apartment and spent it on Amir Ali.

The family is in a desperate situation and in need of your help. Although we are no longer accepting donations for Amir Ali, we encourage you to still make donations towards our MEDICAL ASSISTANCE fund, so that we can be better prepared for these emergencies in the future.

Please consider donating to help Amir Ali.
He needs to travel to Germany to receive a bone marrow translant.

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Please note in the event that CF collects donations in excess of what
Amir Ali needs, remaining funds will be used to cover medical costs of
other children with immediate needs.