Earthquake Relief for Bushehr & Khash


UPDATE AS OF MAY 21, 2013: Donations are now closed for these earthquakes;
please consider donating to Emergency Relief for future efforts.

On April 9, 2013 a 6.3 magnitude earthquake rocked the Bushehr Province of Iran. Join Child Foundation's efforts as we help this region recover. Visit our Donation Page and select Bushehr Earthquake Relief as one of your donation options. Any support that you can provide will help the thousands of people in this region.

The earthquake has reportedly killed at least 37 people, injuring at least 850 more, and destroying over 700 homes.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, a coalition of Iranian-American, human rights, and humanitarian organizations called on President Obama to enable humanitarian assistance for the victims and to ensure sanctions do not impede relief efforts. Click here to read the letter mailed to President Obama.

Only five days later, on April 16th, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Khash, Iran, making it the biggest earthquake to hit Iran in forty years. Estimates have varied widely on how many people may have been killed. A few days after the first earthquake, the coalition began to urge President Obama to issue a general license for relief to be sent to Iran. With this second earthquake, it is even more vital that relief is not obstructed. Please take a moment to send a letter to President Obama to urge him to act so that sanctions do not in any way block earthquake relief efforts in Iran.


Unless the transfer of cash donations is permitted by the US Government, we will provide your support to the earthquake victims in Iran in the form of food.