Abass from Afghanistan - 235 Carnation


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Abbas is a happy and smart kid. He is 8 years old and 1st grader. Since early days of his life he has been limping due to defective leg bones. Although he is handicapped, he loves playing soccer even though his legs make the game though for him. He has also ear problems but he has never been inspected by a doctor as his family cannot afford it. Since the city that he used to live wasn’t secure enough he has been to school a year late.

He lives with his mom and 2 siblings. His father passed away because of stroke and father’s illness put family in financial difficulty. Abbas’ mom is a housewife and she spends her time taking care of kids. Although she has tried to find job, but she has not been much successful as it is difficult for women to find job outside home. All three kids are suffering eye issue but never been to doctor since they cannot afford the cost.

This family live with severe hardship and their house has no electricity and they got to pay extra to access drinking water. They are being supported by relatives and some charity organizations but that is not enough to cover normal life expenses or education costs of kids.

Abbas is kindly asking for help of those whom could help him and support him to live to his dreams.