Abdolreza from Iran - 5330 Banafsheh


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Abdolreza is a smart student. He is the eldest son in his family along with another 3 siblings. Abdolreza’s mother is the second wife of his dad. His dad’s ex-wife and 6 other kids from the first marriage live in one of the western estates of Iran (Sistan o Baloochestan). All the kids from the first marriage are now married adults. Abdolreza’s father died in 2013 from a heart attack. The family are experiencing hardship since the death of the father. They live in an old house with a wrecked roof and the garden is also muddy. The house needs some serious repairs.Abdolreza has some severe health issues, which prevents him from walking and enjoying life like other kids his age and his mom is unable to afford his medical expenses. Abdolreza’s sister also suffers from asthma with no access to medication. His mother provides cleaning services to other neighboring families or picks dates from trees in order to make a living for her kids. She also has 2 other infants at home, which stops her from working fulltime. This family only lives off a charity’s monthly payments, which barely covers their basic needs. This family is in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.