Abolfazl from Iran - 5498 Banafsheh


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Abolfazl is a 13-year-old student from Zahedan, Sistan Baluchestan, currently living in Zabol, Sistan Baluchestan, Iran. He is a very talented 6th grade student. His father suffers from seriouse lung disease and he has to soon be hospitalized. Also, he had couple of unsuccessful surgeries after he accidentally got electrified. Unfortunately his mother also had lots of surgeries for her 5 long year illness and has not recovered yet. Abolfazl has three married siblings and one single sister who cannot afford to go to college. The only source of income are the government subsidy and a small amount from a charity organization. They own their house which they built with the mortgage they got from governmental house foundation. They cannot afford to pay back the mortgage. They have also another mortgage to pay for their medical procedures. They don’t have a carpet to sit on and the other pieces of furniture are very old to use. Abolfazl needs your help and support to be able to continue his education.