Abolfazl from Iran - 5717 Kermanshah Yas


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5717 Kermanshah

My Story:

Abolfazl is a twelve-year-old boy from the city of Kermanshah, Kermanshah province of Iran. He is a smart and hard working student currently studying in sixth grade. His father was not able to find a job for a long time, which put a lot of financial stress on the family. This resulted in Abolfazl’s mother leaving her family and leaving Abolfazl with his father. His father decided to remarry and has a daughter from his second wife. Shortly after this he has a tragic accident where he falls of a building. After two months in the hospital he passes away. Abolfazl now lives with his grandmother. She has recently had open-heart surgery and is ill on many medications. Their house is small with minimal equipment. They struggle to get by every day and Abolfazl is in desperate need of your help. Your generosity can make a world of difference in this young boy’s life, helping his stay in school to build a better and brighter future.