Afghanistan Mudslide Relief


JULY 1 - UPDATE: The governor's office within Afghanstan said at least 2,000 people were killed, and efforts are now focused on the 4,000 survivors and evacuees. United Nations humanitarian groups are still rounding up food, water and medical supplies. A NATO team is also sending a C-130 transport plane from Kabul to this remote region, with supplies including tents and blankets. Afghans all over the world are also donating to charities to help the victims. Child Foundation coordinated with our office in Afghanistan in Mazar E Sharif to collect more than $6,500 USD that will provide aid such as clothing, food, blankets, hygiene supplies, and shelter for the victims in the damaged area. Child Foundation aid was packed and delivered to North Afgahnistan Badakhshan. Badakhshan is a remote, mountainous region of Afghanistan. The location, makes it extremely challenging to transport heavy equipment and other supplies into the area.




MAY 3: landslide triggered by heavy rain buried large sections of a remote northeastern Afghan village on Friday May 2, killing a large number of people and leaving many more missing. The incident occured in the mountainance province of Badakhshan and has left many families homeless and many children orphaned.

According to EU Ambassador Franz-Michael Melbin: "The vulnerable victims, the orphans, of which there are many, and widows, of which there are also many, will need some kind of social psychological support and also some kind of long, good term economic support to re-establish their lives and get along in a society, which traditionally can be very difficult to be a widow and an orphan."

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