Amena from Afghanistan - 297 Rose


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Ameneh, this little quite girl is 9 years old and 3rd grader. His father was gone to Iran to make living and to support his family; however, he passed away due to severe illness. Her mournful mom has back pain and suffers kidney malfunction and requires medical attention. This family has no care taker and no source of support. Ameneh’s other siblings are, Basireh, 3 years old, Sakineh 14yrs old and 8th grader and the eldest one, Zahra who is preparing for college entrance exams. Their house has no shower and water heater and since gas price is high in Afghanisatn they use traditional fuels such as wood pieces and logs which this family has to manage to collect them on their own. This vulnerable family now seeks help more than ever and Ameneh could benefit a lot form your financial support and donation. This family is looking in to you people with great hearts who could support this family to bring them a bright future.