Amir from Iran - 5497 Banafsheh


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His father drowsiness/fatigue was the cause of this car crash, resulting in one death and several injuries:  His father’s hands got severely injured and did undergo finger transplant surgeries.  As a result, he cannot work or lift anything heavy anymore.  His mother didn’t get serious injuries, but cannot work and needs to stay at home in order to take care of her injured family members.  His older sibling is a 7th grade student, and is wearing braces due to spinal cord injury.  Amir himself got his kidney injured during this incident. Due to the death of a passenger from the opposite car, his father got a loan to pay for the blood money/atonement, but has difficulty to pay the installments due to the lack of a proper job.  Fortunately, couple of these installments has been already paid by donation from several individuals, but the rest needs to be paid by his father. The family lives in a rented location.  Their source of income is from assistance they receive from welfare and donations, and therefore, is not even enough to fulfill their very basic needs.  Amir needs your generosity and support to be able to continue his education.