Amir Hossein from Iran - 5496 Banafsheh


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Amir Hossein is a kind and polite thirteen years old student from Tehran Iran.  He is a talented 6th grade student with remarkable GPA. Unfortunately, his parents got separated due to his father’s drug addiction, and his mother got the custody of her children.  His older brother has stopped his education right after his high school degree and decided to complete his military services.  His older sister is a remarkable college student who is successfully continuing her education.  For a while, his mother worked at home as a leather stitching worker, but unfortunately could not continue due to heart conditions.  Their source of income and the down payments for their rented house are supported from several individuals’ donations.  His family income is far less than daily needs.  Amir Hossein needs your generosity and support to be able to continue his education.