Amir Hossein from Iran - 5493 Banafsheh


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Amir Hossein is a very smart student. His parents got a divorce due to his fathers addiction. His mother got the custody of him and she sent him back to his father after she got married again. After a while, when Amir Hosseins grandfather had a heart attack, his parents agreed that he lives with his mother and her husband. His step-father is a mechanic and is not earning much, so he is not able to afford Amir Hosseins expenses. He has a good relationship with Amir Hossein but since he is not earning enough income, he has not accepted to pay for Amir Hosseins expenses. They live with the father of the step-father, as the step-father is not able to pay the rent. Amir Hosseins expenses are supported by a charity. The very little financial support that he is eligible to get from the government is paid to his father and his aunt sometimes pays it back to him or provides him with clothes. Due to the circumstances, Amir Hossein needs support and help to continue his education.