Amir Reza from Iran - 5673 Zabol Banafsheh


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5673 Zabol

My Story:

Amir Reza is a talented and hardworking student currently in the third grade. Unfortunately, he lost his father in a tragic farm accident – he died of excessive bleeding after his leg was caught in a combine harvester. His mother is currently unemployed and their only source of income is a small donation from a charity organization. However, this does not cover their basic needs, including the children’s education expenses. The house they currently live in belongs to their uncle, with a monthly rental fee, and is in poor condition. The bathroom is in a terrible state, including lacking tiles. Their furniture, refrigerator, oven, and television are all nearly inoperable. Considering the circumstances, Amir Reza is in desperate need of your financial support to continue his education and create a bright future for himself.