Amirhosein from Iran - 5666 Fars Jahrom Banafsheh


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5666 Fars Jahrom

My Story:

Amirhossein is a talented student. Her parents are divorced because of his dad’s drug abuse. His mom has the custody of him. Amirhossein lives with his mother and his grandma in a rental. A charity is helping his family right now but because they already gave his family a loan they don’t provide anymore stipend to his family. Also, this charity organization has financial problems and they have announced that they might stop their help. His mother has bought a house with different loans and borrowing money, but they cannot live in that house until the loans are all paid. His mother is an office admin and she gets paid very low salary, which is their only income plus government stipend (Which is very little). This family has health insurance. Amirhossein is a talented and motivated student and we are hopeful that he can receive some support to be able to continue his education.