Arezou from Iran - 5996 Yas


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Arezou is a very talented student. She has a very talented sister. Her parents got divorced four years ago because of Arezou’s father sever addiction. Arezou’s mother gave up her dowry to keep the custody of the children, but she didn’t give up the alimony to prevent harassment of her ex-husband. However, according to the court’s statement, the father has not yet paid the alimony. Arezou’s mother suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and is not able to work. Arezou’s family doesn’t have a home and they live with the maternal grandmother in her rental home. Arezou’s grandfather has been remarried and lives with his second wife. Arezou’s family are under the sponsorship of a charity and receives a small monthly allowance. Also, they are covered by another charity and receives a basket of food every two months. Arezou’s family with two talented students and a mother with the illness needs support and help.