Asma from Iran - 5998 Yas


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Asmaa is a talented student. When Asmaa’s mother was pregnant with her, on her third month of pregnancy she had to go back to her father’s home since she was being harassed by Asmaa’s father who was way older than her and also addicted. When Asmaa was only 1 year old, her parents got divorced. In order to gain Asmaa’s custody, her mother agreed to remit the money her husband had to pay her for the divorce.

Forced by her parents, Asmaa’s mother married to a man who is 5 years younger than her and has no fixed job and salary.Asmaa’s stepfather works in a carwash for a commission based salary which doesn’t suffice to cover their living expenses. He has a good emotional relationship with Asmaa, however, he cannot afford her living and educational expenses.
It should be noted that the family is being supported by a charity, which helps them to cover the groceries.


Asmaa’s mother is suffering from joint rheumatoid arthritis and she is under treatment. They also pay rents since they don’t own a residence. According to the family’s situation, Asmaa needs help and support to be able to continue her education.