Azim from Iran - 5596 Banafsheh


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Azim is a 13 years old talented boy from Nik-Shahr.  He loves playing soccer and local games.  His father died due to heart attack. He father was farmer, and before his death family had rural insurance. Now, his mother is taking care of their children. She has three children, which two of them are student. She is house wife and she does not work outside. The family’s only financial resources are government subsidy and a charity institute’s monthly payment which are not enough for the living costs. The family lives in a village and far from the facilities. Their home is room which is made from clay and mud, and it is inherited from the father. They are deprived of essential living necessities such as rug, TV, stove and cooler. Due to family situation Azim needs your support and assistance to continue his education.