Bahareh from Iran - 5760 Yas


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Bahareh is an eleven year old student from the city of Bam in Kerman, Iran.  She has a great GPA and is currently in the 5th grade.  She lost her father at a young age, and lives with her mother facing hard living conditions.  Her mother earns their livelihood from housecleaning tasks and sporadic labor working in date farms.  Bahareh does not have a home, but lives in her paternal grandfather’s house with very limited amenities.  She loves her mother and is very attached to her.  Her mother has stopped working as a housecleaner and maid due to allergies she developed to cleaning products, and has occasional earnings from her labor working in date farms.  During difficult times, her mother got several loans from friends and family members.  Her family’s main source of income is from the governmental subsidiary and welfare.  A charity organization has also accepted to help Bahareh’s mother with paying her debt.  Her main concern is in regards to Bahareh’s future education. Bahareh has a promising future and she needs your support and provision of necessities in order to blossom.