Bahram from Iran - 4811 Banafsheh


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Bahram is a fifteen-year-old boy in eighth grade of school. He is from Marvdasht province of Fars. Bahram's father was murdered in an ethnic conflict last year. After receiving the blood money, Bahram's family has purchased an old house where they live now. After father's death, Bahram's uncle got the custody of the kids but the custody has transferred to mom now because of uncle's age and sickness. Bahram has a sister and a brother. His brother is studying electrical engineering in a state university. He has paid the tuition by working hard in summer. His sister is in second grade of high school. The family's income resource is the subsidy and money charity received from a charity organization. Bahram's mother does carpet weaving at home but there is no fixed income because of her severe backache. We hope by supporting Bahram, his family will have less problems.