Esmaeeil from Iran - 5533 Banafsheh


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Esmaeil is a 14 years old boy from zabel in Sistan providence, Iran. He is a hardworking student at 7th grade and his GPA is very good (18.93/20). His parents got divorced due to the father’s drug addiction. Afterwards, his mother -who was also married once before- is raising the children. Esmaeil and his sister Zahra -who are from her second marriage- are both students. Family’s only source of income is the small donations from charity. Mother is doing house work for others time to time for some extra earnings. They got a small room with their grandfather’s help but their living condition is poor. Their bathroom needs maintenance, they do not have AC and their furniture is old and damaged. Due to their living condition, Esmaeil needs help to pursue his studies.