Eye Surgery for Rana



JULY 21, 2014: Great news! Rana received her second eye surgery yesterday and was discharged from the hospital. Thank you to everyone who is supporting this young girl as she struggles to keep her eyesight. With your help, we can give her a true chance! 

JULY 14, 2014:
With your help, we have received enough donations to help our dear Rana. We will keep you posted with details soon!

JULY 10, 2014:
Don't let Rana go blind, please!
Child Foundation is assisting Rana who is desperately in need of your help for her eye surgery.

Rana Saparova is an intelligent girl who was born with a rare eye disease that is now worsening and needs urgent surgical care. If her eyes are not treated soon, she will go blind for the rest of her life.

The treatments that she needs are not available in Tajikestan where she lives.

She is at danger of losing all her vision permanently if we do not help her. Child Foundation is raising money to send her to Mashad University Medical Center for her three eye surgeries that she desperately needs.

Please help her by donating generously so we can transfer her safely to Mashad and arrange for all of her surgeries and bring her back to her family.

We are no longer accepting donations for Rana, but please consider donating to future emergency relief.
On our donation list, choose:
"Emergency Relief"