Farbod from Iran - 5665 Banafsheh


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Farbod is a talented student. He has a sister who is a student as well. Farbod’s father was passed away five years ago due to lung embolism. His father was a worker with no insurance; So, his family did not receive any pension after his death. Farbod’s mother works as a housemaid and she has developed the cervical degenerative disc disease because of heavy workload and she is in need of surgery. Their rental house in a poor neighborhood is not in a good condition and the household items are very old and worn out. Also, the vermin are harming Farbod and his sister. His family is supported by a charity organization, however, the monthly support they receive is not sufficient for their living expenses because the mortgage installment is also deducted from it. Having two students in the family, a sick mother, and the lack of funding sources, Farbod needs need your generosity and support.