Fatema from Afghanistan - 258 Rose


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Fatemeh is 7 years old from Mazar-e-Sharif and she has a twin brother. They live in a family of five people. She is in the first grade. Her mother always encourages her to study. 

Her father died 6 years ago due to stroke and she lost the love of her father. Her mother had her back broken when she was 10, so she is not able to do heavy works.  Her mother cannot support her children due to her back pain. They live in a room in the basement of her uncle’s house. And her grandparents live in the same house too. All of them share the same bathroom. Fatemeh has a 14 years old brother Samim. Also she has 2 sisters 12 and 14 years old.  Unfortunately, the father’s relatives do not have good relationship with the family. They are very old-fashioned and they prefer the children not to study. Fatemeh asks a kind sponsor to support her to be able to enjoy her childhood, study and have a bright future.