Fatemeh from Iran - 5392 Yas


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We would like to share Fatemeh’s life story with you.  She is a talented eleven-year-old remarkable student in the 6th grade with excellent GPA from the city of Aron Bidgol Esfahan province of Esfahan.  Her mother first marriage was at the age of 15.  She was happy with her son and husband until her husband didn’t come back after he left home for the work. After long time his dead body found that was stabbed.  Fatemeh’s mother married for the second time with her father but they divorced because of her father severe drug addiction. The family house has mortgage and the source of family income is just small fund from charity and mother’s handwoven rug.  Her brother quit school because of poverty.  It is hard to afford her education expenses for her family.  So, she asks for your support and looking forward to hearing you. Your generosity and support may change her life toward the bright future.