Fatemeh from Iran - 5432 Yas


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Fatemeh is fourteen-year-old and a talented student in the 8th grade of high school with excellent GPA from the city of Bam, Kerman province of Iran. Her father has passed away because of the heart attack. The father was a driver before his death, however his income was very little and could not afford all their expenses because he had to pay the expenses of his parents also. Fatemeh has a sister and a brother. Father was building a house in one of his relative’s land, but since he did not pay the price of the land that is an heir property, the family faced many problems. Since the father was not insured, the family does not have any coverage or protection. The mother is the caretaker of the family and she does housekeeping to afford the family expenses. The mother is worried about their house and if the land owners force them to leave. Because the children are growing, their education expenses have been increased and the mother’s income is not enough anymore. Your generosity and support may help Fatemeh to make a bright future for herself.