Fatemeh from Iran - 5768 Yas


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Fatemeh is a talented third-grader. Her father committed suicide due to an extreme addiction to psychedelics. With no formal education, her mother, who has ever since become the breadwinner for Fatemeh and her brother, only earns a meagre income by cleaning other people's living quarters. Fatemeh's first-grader brother had to start school later than other children simply because they could not afford it earlier. Their adobe house, made up of basically a few adjacent rooms, is located in the unsafe outskirts of the city, which has made it necessary for their married uncle to live with them. The family's main income, other than the mother's wages, consists of flat governmental subsidy exchange and pension from a charity organization. Given their current situation, it is very difficult for their mother to pay for Fatemeh's studies, for which she requires outside sponsorship.