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Fatemeh is a 15 year-old student from Tehran,Iran in 8th garde. Fatemeh is a very talented student. She lives with her mother and older sister. Her father has died in an accident; and per her mother, he was hospitalized after accident and had a surgery but died due the hospital’s negligence. Fatemeh‘s father was a van driver before the accident and he had no health insurance. So after his death, no salary is assigned to his family. Fatemeh’s sister is a University student. She got married two years ago, but her family find it difficult to supply her dowry. The van which her father was working with, has  been sold, as they had many debts. Fatemeh and her sister are living in a unit of an apartment that belongs to Fatemeh’s uncle. They pay some money as a rent to their uncle. Her mother does tapestry on the decorative dishes but her small payment does not meet their costs. Fatemeh’s mother has insurance from her father but Fatemeh and her sister do not. Considering her family condition, Fatemeh needs your generosity and support for continuing her education.