Fatemeh from Iran - 5924 Yas


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Fatemeh is a fourteen-year-old girl from the city of Tabriz, East Azarbaijan Province of Iran. She is a smart and talented young girl currently studying in ninth grade. Her father suffers from mental illness and epilepsy and his disease has progressed so severely in the recent years that he is no longer able to work. He has been hospitalized multiple times in the last year. Fatmeh’s mother is her father’s full time caretaker and is unable to get a full time job. Fatemeh also has a brother who is a student. The only help they receive is a small amount from their grandfather, but this is not nearly enough to provide for their daily needs. They live in a very old and small house and struggle to get by every single day. Please help Fatemeh so that she can continue her education and work towards a better future.