Fatemeh from Iran - 615 Nastaran


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Fatemeh is a hardworking student in Iran. Her father was a longtime drug addict and died of self-immolation. He did not leave any inheritance for the family. Although her paternal grandfather was a retiree of Iran’s national oil company owning land in a village, Fatemeh’s family did not get any inheritance per Iranian law because her father died before her grandfather. Despite suffering a heart attack, her older still works as a laborer to help the family. Fatemeh’s maternal grandfather donated a small portion of land to the family in the slums of Bushehr and her mother has been able to build a room by taking a loan. Government subsidies and charity donations are their only source of income. Their home appliances were burnt in a fire, but they have been able to replace some of them through donations. Affording basic daily needs and covering school expenses is very difficult for the family. Fatemeh hopes she can finish her school years with your support.