Fereshte from Iran - 5761 Yas


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Fereshteh is a 12-year old 5th grade student in elementary school with high GPA in Zabol, Baluchestan province, Iran.  Her father had an accident that caused severe brain damage that has paralyzed 80% of his body's left side and eye sight impairment. The family has not received any funds from insurance company nor from government subsidy programs. They live in a single room on Fereshte's grandfather house. The only source of their income is from a charity organization in which the payment has been delayed due to a takeover of the mortgage by the bank on the nonprofit organization, hence, the stipends are withheld by the bank and the family are in dire financial hardship.  They're forced to live with used appliances such as a very old refrigerator and a TV that has gone through several repairs.