Ghofran from Iran - 5655 Yas


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Ghofran is a talented 11-year- student in the 5th grade with excellent GPA from Eilam city of Eilam province of Iran. Her father is citizen from foreign country and that’s why her parent marriage was not documented.  After her parents separation Ghofran lives with her mother in a rental house in suburbs of  the City of Eilam.  Her mother got her dowry but couldn’t get Alimony. Although, her mother is an educated woman and has bachelor degree in law but couldn’t find job. She needs to move to Tehran looking for job which cannot afford the high cost of expenses. Ghofran is suffering from long chronic stomach ache that should be under permanent care. Her father is supposed to help and make a good relationship with his daughter, and yet neither help nor relationship. This family needs your help to revive their life, give Ghofran chance to continue her education and change her life toward the bright future.