Habib from Iran - 5260 Banafsheh


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Habib is a talented and poor eleven years old. His father was executed because of drug. They didn’t get any atonement. His father was working in a kiosk. His family didn’t have enough income. His mother is housewife and didn’t go to school. She is taking care of the kids. He has seven siblings. Three of his sisters couldn’t go to school because of their low income. Two of his sisters are going to school. One brother and sister are not school-age. They are living in a house which purchased by their relatives and friends. Their only income is coming from government which is not enough and she is in the waiting list for charity help. She can’t work because of the kittle kids that she is taking care of them. She can’t make enough money for their expenses and education. According to his condition, He needs help for continue his education.