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Hadis is nine-year-old and a remarkable student in the third grade with excellent GPA from the city of Shiraz, Fars province of Iran. Her parents got divorced because of the father’s drug addiction. Her mother abandoned all her rights in the court to take the legal custody of Hadis.  Her father did labor works and they lived in difficult situation even before the divorce. Mother does labor works too in order to afford the living and educational expenses of her two daughters. The source of family income is the mother’s wage and public welfare aid that is not enough for their high living expenses. The family is under investigation to be supported by a charitable institution. They live in a rental home in the poor neighborhoods of the city and because they cannot afford the pre-payment for renting the house, they need to pay more for the rent. Hadis’s younger sister is suffering from Tyrosine disease and needs to do some laboratory testing each month, but she cannot do the testing regularly because of expenses. Hadis is a talented students that needs your generosity and support to make a brighter future for herself.