Hamed from Afghanistan - C AF 221 Carnation


Document Number:

C AF 221

My Story:

Hamed is a talented seven-year-old student in the first grade, from the city of Mazar-e-Sharif, province of Balkh. He has five other siblings and lost his father four years ago from a heart disease. Since the death of his father the family is under lots of emotional and economical pressure. The family has no fixed income. The mother does some needlework or similar things at home to provide for her kids, but she has a very low income, which is not enough for their living costs. Besides Hamed, four other siblings go to school and have educational expenses. Hamed loves biking and always look at other children on the bike, but the family cannot afford to get him a bike. They live temporary in a village that has been allocated to orphan families, but they have to leave this place when the kids get a bit older. The village has no electricity and they have to pay for the water, what they can hardly afford. Considering their hard living condition Hamed needs your support to be able to continue his studies to make a better future for himself and his family.