Hanzaleh from Iran - 5683 Banafsheh


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Hanzaleh is a talented and healthy 12-year student with a very good GPA in 6th grade from Nikshahr city of Sistan va Baloochestan province of Iran. Hanzaleh’s father has passed away because of heart attack.  His father was a farmer and since his death, they lost the only source of income for the family. Hanzaleh’s mother is a housewife without any income. The only source of family income is the small fund from a charitable organization and public welfare aid. Mom has 6 children. Two of them are married and live independently. They live in a poor condition in a house inherited from the father. They have no carpet, TV, or fridge. The main problem of the family is affording the education expenses of the children.  Your generosity will help Hanzaleh continue his education.