Hashem from Iran - 5508 Banafsheh


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Hashem is a smart 13-year-old boy from Tehran who lost his father to heart attack four years ago. Hashem’s father worked for the city of Tehran as a garbage collector, but since he only paid for his life insurance for a few years, his family is not eligible to get any pension from insurance. Hashem lives with his mother and older brother. Hashem’s share of inheritance – which is a very small amount – is saved in a bank account and he can only collect it after reaching the legal age. Hashem’s brother works as a driver on a car that he bought with his and his mother’s inheritance. The car is old and needs some repairs. Hashem’s brother had to drop off the school due to his financial situation. He used to study electro-technics at a university. He has an associate degree and hopes to find a job in his field. Hashem’s mother earns $12-$25 a month by working for a shoemaker. Hashem and his family need your generous help to be able to make ends meet and have a better life.