Help Benyamin Hear his Mother's Lullabies


Help Benyamin Hear His Mother’s Lullabies!

Benyamin is a 5 year old boy born on April 6, 2010 in Bandar Abbas, Iran. He was born with Hydrocephalus disease and was hospitalized in Bandar Abbas hospital for the first three months of his life due to his disease.

Benyamin underwent a Shunt procedure in Yazd when he was just five months old. The operation’s cost, in the amount of 60 Million Rials (equivalent of about $6000 at the time), was provided by his family. Benyamin’s parents noticed his loss of hearing (deafness) when he was just 2 years old. With the financial help of Abol-fazl Charity Institution, they managed to get a hearing aid device for their son, but unfortunately his hearing hasn’t improved. According to his medical team’s recommendations, he needs to have a “Cochlear Implant” surgery as soon as possible. Due to the high cost of this type of operation, the family hasn’t been able to provide financially for the surgery.

Mohammad Raqyb, father of Benyamin, was born in 1968 in Afghanistan. He is illiterate and making money from a cleaning job. Benyamin has two brothers and two sisters (Mohammad, 18 years, Arezou, 16 years, and Sideneh who is 14 years old), all of which have been rejected from school due to not having resident cards in Iran. Benyamin also has another brother who is 2 years old and not yet at school age. They moved to Esfahan for better job opportunities and they all live in a small rental apartment.  Benyamin’s father and brother do not make that much money and can barely support the family.

Child Foundation’s local social worker visited Benyamin’s house and examined all of his medical documents. She confirmed that Benyamin has been through a lot at his young age, and that we should all do our best to save his hearing. The family is in desperate need of assistance to afford Benyamin’s surgery.

To help Benyamin, please visit this link and donate to our medical fund. All of your donations to Benyamin’s fund are tax deductible in the United States.