Hosein from Iran - 5576 Banafsheh


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Hossein is a talented eighth-grader with a GPA above 18 out of 20. He lives in Zabol, Iran. His father worked in a store before he was disabled due to a car accident. He did not receive any compensation for the accident as he was determined to be the driver at fault by the court. Hossein has a healthy mother, who is taking care of the family. The family has two children, who are both students. The only sources of income for them are the government cash subsidies and charity donations. The house they live in belongs to Hossein’s aunt. Some charity donations have made it possible for the family to build two rooms although the construction of the yard walls and bathroom is not complete yet. Also, their basic home appliances are old and worn out. Hossein needs financial support for his education due to the above conditions.