Hossein from Iran - 5691 Shiraz Banafsheh


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5691 Shiraz

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Hossein’s parents got divorced because of the addition of his father. His father got remarried immediately. Hossein and his mother live with his maternal grandfather and in his home. Earlier after separation, Hossein’s mother was working as sale person in stores. But now she is unable to work due to her father’s old age and taking care of her brother who is suffering from spinal cord injury. Their only income is government subsidy plus Hossein’s mother alimony. It should be noted that the grandfather had been a service labor in a hospital and is retired now but has insured her daughter. Hossein is also covered under social insurance through his father. Hossein and his mother have not been admitted to the sponsorship of a charity, though his mother tried several times. She could only obtain a loan of two million Tomans (approx. $540.00) for grandfather’s home mortgage. Hossein is a talented and hardworking student and we hope that by supporting him, he will have a bright future.