Hossein from Iran - 619 Nastaran


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Hossein is a talented and diligent student in applied science. His father was a driver but has been unemployed for several years because of age- and disease-related complications. His mother is a housewife and doesn’t have a stable income source. She works as a housekeeper and babysitter to pay for the family, however, she barely covers a portion of the expenses. All of Hossein’s six brothers and sisters are married and moved in with their families except one of his sisters who is a college student and lives with him. Hossein and his family live in their very old house that doesn’t meet any safety standard requirements. His family is under the protection of social security insurance, however, what they receive as monthly payments are not sufficient to cover even part of their basic needs. Considering their situation and income source, his parents are unable to pay for Hossein and his sister’s education and desperately need help to make sure their children will graduate and have prosperous lives in the future.