Hussien from Afghanistan - 226 Carnation


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Hussein is a twelve years old orphan boy from the city of Mazar-e sharif, Afghanistan province of Balkh. He is talented and polite boy who studies in fifth grade and love to play Basketball if there is a place. His father was 60 years old working in the farms to provide for his family. Unfortunately he lost his life in a car accident. Hussein is the youngest in the family of six. Four of his sisters are students, one is in college and one is taking Literacy class and the two small ones are at school. Hussein’s mother has the custody of her children. She is working as a made in people’s homes, but her income is far less the family’s basic needs let a loan the education expenses of five students. A charitable person provided them with a place in a house complexes out of town to live. But there is no power and drinking water. They even can’t afford to buy enough drinking water. Please consider to sponsor this young and polite boy to give him a better future.