Jawid from Afghanistan - 243 Carnation


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Javid is a motivated, hard-worker, polite and quiet 11- year – student in 3rd grade from Mazar-E-Sharif city of Balkh Province of Afghanistan. He lost his father unexpectedly three years ago.  His father was a former. He has three older siblings, two brothers and one sister. Ali Heydar one of his older brother who is student in 10th grade at high school, works as shoe polisher over the weekend. Ali Mohamad is another one, a 13 year student who left school to help family to survive. They clean beans and sell them as the side job. Ali Mohamad sells mother’s handcraft in the local Bazar. Najibeh is Javid’s older sister is student in 5th grade as well. They live in the own unsecured house without necessary items for basic life.  They touched poverty but keep fighting to make a better future, recently they faced with Javid’s disease which needs to be surgery.  Javid has a tumor in his throat area which should be taken.  Family cannot afford the surgery cost. This family looks forward to hearing from you. Your support and generosity give him chance to live and fight for his dream to be doctor. Give this family chance to get back on their feet.