Kani from Iran - 6008 Boukan Yas


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6008 Boukan

My Story:

Kani is a talented student. She was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was three years old and she has attacks once in a while. She has to travel to Tehran every two months for medical appointments. Medical expenses are too high. Kani’s father also has the same disease. He is 47 but because of his medical condition, he doesn’t have a job. Kani’s older sister is a first-year student in Kinesiology. In order to pay her tuition, she works as a housemaid/cleaner. Kani’s mom has depression and because of much stress and hard work her hands’ veins got blocked and doctors performed surgery on both of them. She has pain in her hands but still works in three different places as a house maid to be able to cover the living and medical expenses of the family. They live in their own house which they inherited from the grandpa and they repaired it with money they borrowed. Kani’s mom takes loans from banks to pay for her medical expenses. They also got a loan for house repairs. So they pay installments for all of these loans. They have not been able to pay the past six installments. Considering family’s situation, Kani needs support to be able to continue her education.