Khaledeh from Afghanistan - 174 Rose


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Khaleda is a Forteen-year old girl from the city of Mazar-e Sharif in Balkh Province in Afghanistan. She is very smart and talented and student currently studying in the seventh grade.  She is a top student and also writes beautiful poems. Khaleda’s father is cook but most of the times he in unemployed. Her mother has small job at a local bank and earns a little money. Her Mother has heart condition but the family cannot afford to take her to a doctor. Khaleda’s grandmother and uncle lives with them and her mother has to take care of them as well. Khaleda uncle was arrested and tortured by Taliban and suffers from mental illness and needs medications. Khaleda is worry about her mother because she under pressure. This family is struggling every day and Khaleda is in desperate need of your help. Your generosity will help this talented young girl continue her education and work towards a better and brighter future.