Kiarash from Iran - 5228 Banafsheh


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Kiarash is a remarkable and talented ten- year- old student in the fifth grade that lost his father in an unfair dispute. His family live in the city of Shahr-e Kurd, in Iran. The sorrow of his dad death made him shy and affected on his social life.  His family income just relied on his dad daily basis wage; obviously there is no family income after his death.  His murderer was arrested and Kiarash's family asked for the severe punishment as the death penalty. Kiarash, his older brother and his Mother live in his grandma's house and his Mother has to take care of his grandma as well. His Mother doesn't have job because of lack of skills.  The small fund that comes from the charity is the only family income source and his family cannot afford for his education.  However, we would like to be his voice and ask for your support.  Your help and generosity may change his life toward a bight life.