kousar from Iran - 5956 Yas


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Kosar is a very passionate and talented student. Her father sadly passed away a couple of years ago as a result of a cardiovascular disease, after having a liver transplant. Her two elder sisters got married and now live with their families. Two of her brothers are fifth and third graders. Their family bought a piece of land with the help they received from charitable people, after the loss of their father, and built their own house with the help of a charity organization. This family is under the protection of the charity organization and receives allowances on a monthly basis which is absolutely insufficient to cover their basic needs. The mother of the family does a lot of physical labor in other villager’s farms and gardens to pay for the food and bills, however, she doesn’t have a stable income and struggles every day to keep up with the family expenses. Considering the financial situation of the family and the hardship they are going through, she desperately needs your help to pursue her education and graduate from school.