Madina from Afghanistan - 252 Rose


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Madina is a kind and talented girl and the youngest child of her family. She is 9 years old and studies in first grade. She is really interested in painting and likes to learn this art professionally, however, none of the schools in that area teach art. Even though there exist private art centers, but because of gender discrimination she fell two years behind her education. Madina’s father died 9 years ago because of kidney cancer, and since then her mother has been suffering from neurological disorder. Nevertheless, until recently she used to do crafts at home which could barely cover the basic expenses of her children; but now her severe pain doesn’t allow her to continue her job. Madina’s family is experiencing lots of financial difficulties as they have three students in needs of educational expenses. As a single mother family, they live in a poor neighborhood where they can hardly afford to buy drinking water. They have no electricity, therefore their only entertainment is playing with neighborhood kids. You can make lasting changes in this family’s life. Madina and her siblings are waiting for your support to be able to continue studying.