Mahla from Iran - 5516 Yas


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Mahla is a kind and talented student who has witnessed his father's addiction and his absence since childhood. Her mother had been married to another person before her father but because of the addiction of first husband they divorced. Mahla’s mother has three children from her first marriage, among whom the oldest died in Bam's earthquake and one of them, who is also married, suffer from disability and psychological illnesses and lives with Mahla's mother. He's under treatment and care of a specialist. Mahla's parents are divorced and Mahla and her two siblings and her step brother and his wife live with Mahla’s mother. They did not have anywhere to live so they moved to Mahla's grandparents’ house after her grandparents died but his house may soon be claimed by the inheritors. Mahla's father is ignoring the family and lives separately without supporting the family and his children. Mahla's mother lives in a severe budgetary crisis and she works as a maidservant in other people's houses for living and, in summer, she works in farm to package dates, but her income does not suffice the family's expenses and her children's education. The family gets some support from a donation institute and receives the monthly government welfare but it is in not enough. The mother has got a loan to cover medical expenses of her sick son, and the monthly payments are deducted from the donation institute. Under these circumstances, Mahla needs financial help and support for the continuation of her education.