Marjan from Iran - 5984 Yas


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Majan is a very talented and gifted student. However, she is in desperate need of financial help. Her father has passed away due to a complicated gastrointestinal disease. Marjan’s father was a blue-collar worker and they were using the village financial aid provided for them to help support the family. Currently, the mother is the major breadwinner for the family. She has 6 children including Marjan to take care of. The only income that they get is a small financial aid provided for the family through charity institution and government subsidies which do not come close to what the family truly needs to cover their basic needs. The family lives in a tiny room made out of clay, with No TV, rugs, lacking even primitive necessities for the family which they inherited from their father. Based on the current situation, Marjan needs help and support to be able to continue her education and shine as a talented student. We really hope you consider her as a person in true need of help and open your kind heart to her so that she also can have a bright future ahead of her as she truly deserves.