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Maryam is a very smart fourth grade student from city of Jahrom, in province of Fars. Her father has been disabled and his body cannot move, therefore he is not able to work anymore. Her mother is homemaker and because of her husband’s condition she has to do all the chores by herself both inside and outside of their home. Maryam, her older brother and her parents live in her maternal grandfather’s house in one small room. They are being supported by a charity organization but since they have gotten loan from this charity, their monthly allowance has been reduced by the amount required to pay for the loan; they also have insurance through this charity organization. The charity nominal support and government subsidies are the only sources of income for this family. Maryam’s brother is studying for college entrance exam and it has been very hard for him to study in a room that they all live together. Maryam also has great motivation to study and have a better life in future. With your kind help and support you can make it possible for Maryam to continue her education with fewer worries and stress as she deserves.